MyLaunch – A application / whatever else launcher.

You may have seen or used application launchers on diffrent platforms such as Quicksilver on Mac OSX Gnome Do or Linux or Launchy on Windows / Linux.

Well I have used launch before, as well as a couple of other app launchers but never really found exactly what I wanted, so I made my own, firstly because I can make it how I want it, and secondly it’s a good learning experince.

MyLaunch looks similar to launchy however acts more like quicksilver or gnome do in the sense that you type a action and a argument to send to the action.

So if I wanted to start notepad I would type run notepad. If I wanted to search google I would type google mysearch or lets say I wanted to open Explorer into a certin directory well I can type win C:\mydir and open explorer there.

The run command is the only one built it by default the other two I listed google and win are added using plugins, which you can create your self using and .NET language.

So how about some screenshots now.

This is MyLaunch while typing in Notepad, you can see it completion the word notepad.

MyLaunch ready to launch Notepad.

This is MyLaunch while typing google for a google search, as you can see it completes these words as well.

MyLaunch completion a action

It’s a pretty simple launcher, but can be quite powerful with plugins. It’s also
just how I like it.


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