PHP Stuff : My database class

PHP Stuff : My database class.

When developing websites I usually have a database class of my own that I use,
I have a new one that I am starting to create now and it is quite simple to use.

Such as a simple query with a single where statement.

include "Database.php";
$db = new Database("localhost", "user", "pass", "dbname");

$db->where("age", 18, WhereOperator::$MoreThan)
	->where("age", 25, WhereOperator::$LessThan)
	->orWhere("age", 45, WhereOperator::$Equal)
$row = $db->fetch();

Pretty simple huh? I like how it works.
As for the WhereOperator there are a few operators you can use as you
can see in the WhereOperator class.

class WhereOperator
    public static $Equal = 0;
    public static $Like = 1;
    public static $LessThan = 2;
    public static $MoreThan = 3;
    public static $LessThanOrEqual = 4;
    public static $MoreThanOrEqual = 5;
    public static $NotEqual = 6;
    public static $In = 7;
    public static $NotIn = 8;
    public static $Contains = 9;
    public static $NotContains = 10;
    public static $Between = 11;
    public static $NotBewteen = 12;
    public static $BeginsWith = 13;
    public static $NotBeginsWith = 14;
    public static $Contains = 15;
    public static $NotContains = 16;
    public static $NotLike = 17;
    public static $IsNull = 18;
    public static $IsNotNull = 19;

I’ll have this class posted up later after I get everything finished up, it
is going to be part of a small framework I am working on for myself.

The framework is really just a little personal project something to have
fun with, but it may get used in a couple of sites I’ll post the code
of that on sourceforge or github or something of the like, until then…
high ho silver away…


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