SoundBox, another mp3 player.

I started a new personal project, a little Mp3 player, it simple, does not have a lot of controls, visualaztions, and all the rest of everything found with most media players now a days. I just wanted something that would play my music.

This audio player is capable of playing other file types but I have set it to only find and play Mp3’s. The way it works is when started it scans your “My Music” folder for any and all Mp3’s you may have lying around in there and puts them into a large list, after which just waits for you to hit play.

It features Play/Pause, Prev/Next, Mute/Volume Down/Volume Up, and Shuffle. It displays the song title, the artist and the current play time.

As for visuals it currently looks like this.

The name of this audio player is SoundBox. I will release a build as well as the source shortly, I just want to clean up the source some and maybe finish making a halfway decent icon.


3 thoughts on “SoundBox, another mp3 player.

  1. Hi I’m wanting to develop a small MP3 player too for personal use. I’m mainly focused on ID3 tagging but was wondering how you managed to play MP3 files? Is it cross-platform? Will it work on Mac OS X? Any help appreciated.

  2. I used IrrKlang for playing audio, which is a cross-platform 2d and 3d audio library. I created my own library in C# to read in ID3 tags, I just used the ID3 specification to get the header info for ID3 tags.

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